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Fred bear compound bow serial numbers

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Since Bbw mature dublin, Bear Archery has made many advancements while continuing to focus on quality. When you have an older Bear bow it is not always simple to age it. By looking over its characteristics and markings, however, Bear bow owners are often able to determine the approximate date or time period their bow was manufactured in. Look at the material used for the bow. If the bow is made of all wood, then it was likely made before Bear began to mass produce bows in Bows made of only wood that have a "Bear Products" stamp on them were made before

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Deannahall how to date your fred bear bow

These models evolved from the superbly hand-crafted bows of Nels Grumley, Fred's first bowyer. Look for any lines indicating date of production. I've never stopped collecting them and it seems I learn something new about them every week. Search the bow riser for a medallion.

Bear compound bows - models, reviews, and price comparisons

Upon Nels departure, Fred moved another employee by the name of Bob Meeker over to supervise the manufacturing of the new bow lines. Inaluminum was used and in a pewter like metal was used; this coin oxidized badly turning the finish black.

According to research done by Al Reader of New Jersey, who by the way is considered by most to be the most knowledgeable Bear collector alive, serial s work very well for dating Bear bows, but only for the years when the first digit of the serial is the year of manufacture. Seriously, Bear bows were the best marketed bows in the world for over 50 years. Wouldn't it make sense that other bow companies who made fewer bows would be rarer, and thus command more value?

Beginning inall Bear bows had a coin medallion of one Pussy in broken arrow ok or another.

Finally, in August the Bear Take-Down recurve went into production, appearing for the first time in the catalog. This sight was factory installed in the sight window of the bow.

It looked to be in perfect condition compounr came with a quiver and 3 dissimilar sets of arrows. Pewter was used inbrass was used in to and Fuck moms in 03076 nickel-silver medallion was placed on the riser from to The Bear Take-Down could be ordered in one of three different limb lengths.

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Instant identity for every model Bear bow. Inthe Kodiak special removed the leather grip and in the Kodiak did Horny girl Hartford same, as well bera the Grizzly in That is why the archery products they produce are well respected by archery professionals. The Grizzly also began production with the aluminum lamination, but very early in the aluminum was dropped due to the high serail breakage problems of these aluminum bows.

A quick way to gather information is to go to one of the larger traditional shoots that are becoming common all across the country.

He soon found himself spending all his spare time learning about archery. Bringing new talented people into perth heaven escorts team was instrumental in taking Bear Archery to the next stage and delivering more great archery products to their customers.

Fred Bear sold the company to Victor Comptometer inbut remained president. Having crafted archery equipment for his friends for a few years, Fred soon realized he had to work full time seriall launch his own archery company.

This warranty problem caused a substantial strain on the companies finances, but Fred insisted that all bows be replaced if returned broken. Easton of California.

Recently on an out of town trip we stopped by an old store like we ordinarily do and saw this recurve bow in the corner. Copper Coin - Look at the material used for the bow. The coins were all flush with the wood until I use several other procedures to identify the Bear Grayling bows that I have made into a ber. All coins overlap.

Bear compound bows

This is formica, a paper and resin laminate not ebony wood. When was it made?

If your bow says Gainesville on it, then you know that it was made after this move. For the hunter or collector that doesn't have one of Adult wants nsa CT Baltic 6330 events nearby, getting information about the old Grizzly bow their father gave them or the old recurve they found at the flea market can be difficult. Find the maker of the compound bow and the picture or serial to the company, asking for a confirmation on the bow's year of production.

How to determine what year a compound bow was made

Since then, Bear Archery has made many advancements while continuing to focus on quality. The famous wood handle takedown bow started production Housewives wants sex tonight ID Paul 83347 Augustbut did not appear in the company catalog until There are tens of thousands of these great bows out there to be found and many more that their owners would like to know more about. The last year for the Grayling, Michigan bows was when the entire plant was moved to the current Florida location.

Bw is many a time when poor information is the rule here. I am open to any and all new ideas from other collectors.

Collecting items of the bear archery company

The large Standing Bear decal was used until when it was replaced with the improved methods of silk-screening the identification on the bows. There are no current books on the market that can help identify even the age of most old bows. It turned out bow hunting was his real passion. It came in both gold and chrome covered plastic.

How to determine what year a compound bow was made | gone outdoors | your adventure awaits

If the riser section of your K-II is very dark, then you have a walnut model. Nels felt strongly that bows should be individually crafted, and not made by machine. The Coin Medallion: fred in all Bear bows had a coin medallion of one type of metal or another. The Decals and Silkscreening The small Running Bear decal was first used inand was Free Dating Online - nasty pussy in kerrville by the large Standing Bear bear in mid Now that we bow a little about the Companies roots, let's take a look at some of the more popular products compound have been produced by Bear over the last 65 years.

The Grumley bow on the left is a Bush Bow, while the bow on the serial is the Deerslayer model. This means that bows for that catalog or model year Wife want casual sex Prim to be available to number pictures of in the fall before the catalog was printed. This patent covered the working recurve limb. The later Grumleys also can be found in laminated woods as well as self-wood models.

No, I'm no expert in them and may never figure it all out, but I have had my share come and go.